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About Us

Upholstery Solutions opened its doors to proudly serve the upholstery needs of residents and business owners in the suburban areas of New Orleans and Kenner and the surrounding areas since the last 10 years.

Through using our upholstery services, we have helped homeowners, shop owners, technical offices, medical offices, and realtors discover the design features that make their spaces distinctive.

Upholstery Solutions have the expertise you need and deserve for your unique room, having upholstered for all forms of residential customers, firms, and real estate staging customers.

We will talk to you about the specifics of your project, the desired feeling, and the complete overall result of the look you want to achieve with your fabric of choice. To help solidify your finished design scheme, we will show you swatches, and work quickly and effectively to build exactly what you are looking for.

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Bespoke Furniture

We understand at Upholstery Solutions that there are many times when our regular furniture is not exactly what you are looking for off the shelf. Please address your specifications if you can’t find what you’re looking for, and we will design and produce your brief to ensure that we achieve the desired end result. We have an outstanding reputation for the consistency and completion of our tailor-made work and our ability to deliver a working solution to a design brief.


At Upholstery Solutions we are pleased to give both private and commercial customers our first class re-upholstery operation. Our attention to detail is second to none and ensures a premium finish. Our highly qualified upholsterers can revive your tired or worn covers, re-spring and fix frames, bring your cushions back to life.

Commercial Upholstery

Upholstery Solutions is a pioneer in the commercial operation of upholstery furniture in tables, couches, custom restaurant booths, casinos, bars, night clubs, motels and cinemas. We can save your organisation money, and just breathe new life into their place of business by having noticed. Your customers will feel a sense of confidence that causes encounters with a new lobby or reception area or a cosy private space with booth chairs and walls, such as high-quality service, pride and a welcoming environment.

Why Choose Us?

Whether big or small, and complicated, intricate or precious, we take pride in every work. We value the original materials and processes used to upholster your furniture, and fit the upholstery accordingly. Our workers are experienced in stripping and re-upholstering to the original finish, re-springing, re-stuffing and even re-filling. We’d love the opportunity to show you some of our work in store, feel free to pop in or send us a call to discuss your job, whether it’s traditional or modern.

Together with a respected team of designers, Upholstery Solutions worked to reupholster furniture for mainstream companies, helping to ensure that their high-quality d├ęcor looked as good as possible. Call us now.