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Commercial Upholstery Harvey, LA

At Upholstery Solutions, we are ready to meet all your business needs, big or small.

We have become acquainted with a number of environments and industries that require upholstery services through our many years of experience, including:

  • Retail-Stalls, Tables, Seats
  • Eateries
  • Office / Company
  • Health Care-Homes Medical, Dental, Community
  • Animation-Stadiums, Theaters
  • Training-Universities & Colleges
  • Correctional Installations-Padded Cages, Mattresses
  • Fix Flag
  • Audio Panels Recover
  • Multiple Others

Commercial seating, which is divided into two parts, includes our most popular commercial upholstery jobs:

  • Seating rehabilitation that you already have
  • Building from new construction

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Existing Seating Section:

Upholstery Solutions is willing to work with you to provide the right options for your situation and at the same time provide a range of choices and estimates to meet your needs whether your current seating is worn out, uncomfortable to sit on, or the decor of the room has changed. In the restaurant industry, a common current seating example can be found. When one needs to recover our professional upholsterers, at various rates, they can fit the current vinyl, making a full redesign of all booths unnecessary, saving the restaurant money.

New Seats:

Upholstery Solutions works with you, the architect or designer, when it comes to new designs, to achieve the ideal seating for the new project. We are collaborating with the wood maker and designer to make specific seating arrangements after examining the blueprints. This requires both structural and suspension design for seating.

Seating & Foam:

Since its integration into the furniture industry in the early 2000s, we have worked with foam. We have seen the consistency and longevity of foam improve with technological innovation over the years to a point where we assume it is equal and, in many cases , better than spring seating. The layering foam technique has also been mastered by our upholstery technicians; creating seating that is very robust while being comfortable. We are able to design custom foam seating with these techniques and materials that have the durability and continued comfort necessary for any commercial project.  

How Do We Help You With Your Business Upholstery Project?

Upholstery Solutions provides a full service to all its customers using both conventional and modern methods, ensuring excellent results and reasonable prices. We also give you a complete service of repair and renovation, helping you breathe new life into your old furniture that is tired. Our professional craftsmen can restore any couch, chair, foot stool or suite back to its natural glory, including aged items like Chesterfield sofas, whether cloth or leather.

Why Do You Get Your Furniture Reupholstered?

With a full reupholstery service from Upholstery Solution, make your furniture both beautiful and functional once more. We all love comfort and quality, so you’ll be happy to know that our services include the reupholstery of almost every piece, not only the outside of your furniture, but also the frames, springs, padding and filling. As our services come at prices much lower than you can spend on fresh pieces of furniture, you can save money too. For more details, contact us today.

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