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Look no further than Upholstery Solutions when you are finding flawless furniture upholstery services in Harvey. We have provided our customers with outstanding upholstery services for more than 35 years at Upholstery Solutions, and have made a name for ourselves within the industry.

Commercial furniture is subjected to everyday wear and tear so quality material is in high demand. The repair and maintenance of upholstery for commercial furniture requires unique experience and expertise. We are industrial furniture upholsterers. To reduce downtime in your business hours of operation, we service on-site commercial upholstery at your place.

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Upholstery Solutions will help if you’re looking for a way to make your room more beautiful. For your chairs, antique sofas and more, we give our customers the following furniture upholstery services:

Restoration Of Antique Furniture : Our furniture restoration services are perfect for antique owners who want weathered collectibles to look new. We have decades of experience in delivering careful upgrades to antiques, and would be delighted to work with you to provide your furnishings with the ultimate restoration.

Upholstery Restoration : Upholstery restoration not only brings a brand new look to your furnishings, it can help you manage your budget as well. Why chuck the curb with a perfectly good piece of furniture when our experts can help you repair it? We’re going to work with you in no time at all, to make your furniture look as good as new.

Custom furniture Upholstery : Carlson Upholstery has worked on numerous custom upholstery projects during our decades of operation. There’s no work too large or too small for our furniture upholstery shop in New Orleans, whether you’re looking to restore an antique or upholster a piece of furniture you made yourself.

Furniture Upholstery : One of the best ways to give your home a fresh look is to reupholster your sofas and chairs. You can customize the style , color and fabric of your upholstery and revamp your home d├ęcor instead of buying completely new furniture.

Upholstery Solutions can have time-tested and high-quality results no matter whether you’re looking for a custom fabric solution or reupholstery services in New Orleans. Call us today at XXXXXXXXXXX to learn more about our offerings.

Commercial Upholstery In New Orleans

Upholstery Solutions is a pioneer in the commercial service of upholstery furniture for seats, sofas, restaurant custom booths, casinos, hotels, night clubs, motels and cinemas.

When people reupholster furniture they save money for their company or institution, and simply by having noticed, breathe new life into their place of business. Your customers will feel a sense of confidence that causes experiences such as high-quality service, pride and a friendly environment, greeted by a new lobby or reception area or a cosy private space with booth chairs and walls. Holding well preserved furniture in your company is important to keep in mind.

Local Business Repair Services For

  • Booth Upholstery Restaurants
  • Products for Wall Upholstery
  • Clubs
  • Offices for Practitioners
  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Reupholstery
  • Theaters
  • Marine

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